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Welcome to our HPAT®-Ireland exam preparation section. Career Services – The Entrance Exam Experts (est. 1987)  are Ireland's leading provider of HPAT® preparation courses. We have been successfully guiding prospective medical students through this difficult exam since it began in 2009. Our highly acclaimed courses are now available to book for the 2018 HPAT®-Ireland exam. Take the HPAT®-Ireland with confidence. Find out more below. 

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So you're thinking about Studying Medicine in Ireland?

That's fantastic! This is a competitive university course choice and entry into university courses in Ireland (including Medicine) is officiated by the Central Applications Office (CAO). Each year, depending on the number of candidates applying for medicine, the CAO decide how many points are required to gain entry into the medicine degree courses. 

Prospective medicine students must compete against each other for a limited number of university places by achieving points in both the Leaving Certificate Examination and the HPAT®-Ireland exam. Since 2009, students' Leaving Cert Exam points and HPAT®-Ireland Exam points have been combined to give students an over-all points total.

The Leaving Certificate will take up the vast majority of your time and that is how it should be, however the HPAT®-Ireland exam is a notoriously difficult exam. If you are interested in studying medicine you will need to have a realistic study and preparation plan to ensure you achieve your maximum score. This is exactly what the Career Services preparation course provides you with.  

"Begin your journey into medicine with us"


2018 HPAT-Ireland Exam Preparation 

Our HPAT®-Ireland Complete Package is designed for students who apply for medicine through the C.A.O. Our renowned HPAT®-Ireland preparation courses are focused courses that give you a full tuition on the different sections of the HPAT®-Ireland exam with tons of quality practice material. Our courses are held nationwide and delivered by highly experienced professional tutors that are qualified to the highest relevant standards in psychometric testing.


Why Us? 

Year on year students that attend our courses tell us that there are three things really matter to them: 

  1. Performance
  2. Course Content
  3. Price 


1. Performance

Why else would you undertake a preparation course? Unless you are going to improve your performance, you are wasting your time and money. The Career Services' HPAT®-Ireland preparation course gets the best out of you as a student. Our results are proof of that. In 2017, our students increased their chances over the national average by approximately 100%.

Did you know?
Nationally, only one out of every six students that sat the HPAT®-Ireland exam in 2016 were offered a place in medicine. 

More than one out of every three of our students were offered a place in medicine in 2017.

One of our students' also proudly claims the highest ever HPAT®-Ireland exam score in Ireland. She achieved a score of 243 by studying our HPAT®-Ireland Exam Complete Package. See testimonials for details of this and to see what last year’s students thought of our preparation course.


2. Course Content

Our HPAT®-Ireland Exam Complete Package is a blended learning experience that includes:

  • without doubt Ireland's best preparation day course
  • online access to our exclusive e-learning platform for practice questions and lessons - this home study material is also available in paper format
  • attendance to a supervised mock exam which takes place approximately a week before the official exam

We do not believe in overloading you with 1000's of practice questions that are not at the same difficultly level of the official exam. We believe in quality over quantity. Our course provides you with in excess of 40 hours of high quality study material, lessons and practice materials. Feedback from students consistently tells us that the high calibre of our course content is the best in the market.


3. Price

We work full-time in the psychometric industry providing aptitude test preparation to students wishing to gain entry into a range of different university courses and careers. As a result, we are able to offer competitively priced courses of a much higher quality.  

We realise it is important for you to have options when it comes to choosing a preparation course and we offer two to suit different budgets: 

I'm in 5th year, can I start preparing now? 

We often get asked 'Can I prepare for the HPAT in 5th year?' and our answer is yes absolutely! In fact we encourage it. Every year 5th year students approach us to get a head start on their HPAT® Exam preparation. As they cannot sit the HPAT® exam until their leaving cert year the most popular option for them is to sign up for our HPAT Complete Package and defer their day course and supervised mock exam to the following year. This allows them to receive their Home Study Pack upon booking and use this throughout 5th year to become familiar with the HPAT® and to gain an insight into the exam. This means they are better prepared when facing into the leaving cert year. They then attend their preparation day course and supervised mock exam in their leaving certificate year. This is becoming an increasingly popular and beneficial option among 5th year students interested in medicine. 

I'm want to start preparing....
No problem! Our highly acclaimed HPAT®-Ireland exam preparation courses are now available to book.

"We are fully Irish-owned and operated"

Have more questions about HPAT®-Ireland Exam? Feel free to check out our dedicated pages on the main menu regarding our courses, general information about the HPAT®-Ireland Exam as well as our FAQ section.  

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