Student Paramedic Interview Course (includes One to One Mock Interview)

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  • Online Interview Course
  • One to One Mock interview

This course provides the most in-depth preparation option for the HSE Student Paramedic interview:

  • Instant access to our Online Interview course
  • High quality video lessons delivered by experts with over two decades of experience
  • Practice and perfect your interview day performance in a one to one mock interview
  • Receive feedback to fine tune your delivery
  • Approach your official interview with confidence
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Succeed at the HSE Student Paramedic Interview

The HSE Student Paramedic selection process includes a competency based interview.  Our course will help you excel and help you to master the interview!

Our course provides you with everything your need to excel and help you to master the interview!

What you Get

Part 1: Our Online Interview Course 

Part 2: One to One Mock Interview 

Complete our expert online interview course and then bring all your preparation together with a full One to One Mock Interview:

  • Exclusive Resources: Gain access to a suite of exclusive materials crafted to complement your one-on-one session. Leverage these resources before your mock interview.
  • Personalised Coaching: Experience a deep dive into the intricacies of the student Paramedic competency-based interview with a dedicated expert tutor.
  • Real Simulation: A meticulously crafted mock student paramedic interview. This hands-on approach is designed to help alleviate the pressures of the real thing, honing your ability to respond with confidence and clarity.
  • Tailored Feedback: Benefit from immediate, constructive feedback tailored specifically to you. Our experts dissect your performance, offering actionable insights to refine your presentation, enhance your communication skills, and master the competencies sought by the HSE and National Ambulance Service.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Your preparation should fit your schedule. Choose the time that works best for you, and engage in this comprehensive preparation session from the comfort of your own home.

How does it work?

Step 1. Book the interview preparation course.

Step 2.  Log into your Online Interview Preparation Course via our website with the username and password you create at the time of booking.

Step 4. Complete your Online interview course material

Step 5. Contact us to arrange your one to one mock interview slot.

Step 5. Attend your One to One Mock Interview.

Step 6. Implement the feedback you receive and approach your official interview with confidence!

Why Choose Us

With years of unparalleled experience and a track record of success, we pride ourselves on the quality and effectiveness of our preparation services. Our Paramedic Interview Preparation is the route to success in the selection process.

  • No Regrets – Avoid the all-too-common regret of missing out on our Career Services’ Interview course.
  • Reduce Anxiety – Our comprehensive preparation helps alleviate anxiety, so you can focus on showcasing your best self.
  • Learn from the best tutors in the country
  • Be fully familiar with the interview
  • Gain confidence going into the interview
  • Maximise your performance in the interview

Part 1: Online Preparation Materials


In this lesson, the tutor will provide an introduction to the course

Part 1: Understand

  • In this lesson, the tutor will help you to fully understand the interview process.

Part 2: Prepare

  • Questions on the Application form
  • Preparing competency based examples
  • Questions about your Competency Example

Part 3: Perform

  • Experiences and Techniques – What to Expect on the Day

Useful Resources

  • Resource documents

Part 2: One to One Mock Interview

Full One to One Mock Interview with real time feedback. 

  • Help alleviate the pressures of the real interview with a One to One Mock interview by honing your ability to respond with confidence and clarity.
  • Get expert feedback straight after your one to one mock interview