Prison Officer Preparation Course


Prison Officer Assessment Preparation Course

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Career Services – The Entrance Exam Experts run preparation courses for the Prison Officer assessments used in recruitment competitions.  The preparation course is an intensive full day course that focuses on helping recruit prison officer candidates prepare for the various stages of the campaign. Our courses have helped 100's of candidates gain entry into the prison service in the past. 

The stages of recruitment can include:

  • online assessments; 
  • an assessment centre;
  • interview;
  • vetting;
  • medical examination and a physical competence test.


What to Expect? 

Our Prison Officer Complete Package Preparation Course consists of:

Classroom Course + Online Course


Course Features

  Knowledgeable, experienced and friendly tutors

  Structured approach to questions

  Full classroom based tuition

  Overhead animated presentations

  Course take home material and online practice tests

  Lunch included


Course Benefits

  Gain confidence 

  Be familiar with all question types

  Practice at your own pace

  Learn how to really prepare for the interview

  Great value for money

  Proven track record for over 30 years


Part 1: The Classroom Course

The Day Course Element

The day course takes place in top class hotel conference centres to ensure your comfort. During the preparation course all aspects of the assessment tests are fully analysed, discussed and solutions are fully explained by highly experienced tutors with the highest relevant qualifications in psychometric testing.

Our tutors always create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere during the course to ensure that there is a positive learning environment. We find that this encourages questioning from students and as a result allows for a clear understanding of the material for the whole class. Numerous handouts will be distributed during the course covering all sections and practice material will also be given out for you to try out at home after the course.

The course is also a great opportunity to meet other applicants. You will find that they are just as anxious as you are about the exam and it really helps to know that you are not alone. In a group setting like this your confidence can really soar.


Course Outline

The outline of the preparation day is as follows: 


  • Introduction

  • Verbal Reasoning

  • Numerical Reasoning

  • Assessment Questionnaire

  • Introduction to interviews

  • Take Home Practice Material

  • End of Course Discussion/Q.&A.


Part 2: The Online Course

Following the day course students are given access to our e-learning platform where they can apply what they learned at the day course to our online course. This online resource includes hundreds of practice questions in several formats of timed and untimed tests. Video lessons on solving numerical problems are also provided in the course, as well as an overview of how to use different formats of verbal tests. It also includes an Interview Workbook which covers the identification of competencies the employer is looking for, generating ideas, writing scenarios, report writing, and group interviews.
  • Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests
  • Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests
  • Assessment Questionnaire
  • Interview Workbook 


Course Duration

10.00am – 5.30pm 
(Lunch Included)


Course Price

€150 (full day course with lunch included + online course)

Classroom sessions are now finished. Online course still available to book below. 

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Important Notice: Career Services is a privately run education company. We have no affiliation to the Public Appointments Service (PAS). It is the PAS who run The Assessment Test on behalf of the Prison Service.