Our Interactive Webinar Student Feedback

Student Survey Responses:


How was your experience of the webinar overall?

"I found the experience very informative and helpful. Plenty of online practice available. Webinar was a great pace, information was very clear and easy to follow"

"Absolutely fantastic! I feel a lot more confident especially in the numerical part of the course. I haven’t done maths in years so it’s fantastic to get a refresher!"

"Excellent....the tutorial was clear and well organized, recommend anyone to go with Career Service"

"Excellent. I couldn't believe how fast the day went . The course layout and Patrick and Eddie doing the course kept my attention throughout. It really refreshed me on how to do maths problems. It provided quick ways of doing them . I feel more comfortable now that I know the type of layout for the aptitude test. Overall I feel I learned alot from today and very beneficial ways of quickly solving problems throughout which I know is the aim but I feel that this is an excellent course in doing so and everything I learned today has been very helpful for the coming aptitude test"

"Very good valuable experience fantastic tuition"

"Really enjoyed the webinar, it was very beneficial"

"It was a great experience and very informative"

"It was helpful l'm glad l chose Careers Services"

"It was very good I'm confident about the upcoming test"

"Fantastic. I really enjoy it"

"Brilliant! Extremely happy with it"

"Excellent in communication"

"Very positive"

"It was great"

"Very well done"

"Enjoyable experience"

"Great!! Very happy"

"Happy and contented"

"Great - easy to use"

"Helpful and convenient"





"Very good"


What did you like most about the webinar day course?

"It was all very interesting"

"Frequent breaks; huge help to stay engaged"

"The polls and practice"

"The explanation of the teachers"

"That it covered every section"

"Everything was explained step by step"

"Involving the participants to do the exercise"

"Simplified things and gets your brain thinking differently"

"Everything it was just brilliant worth every cent"

"The step by step approach of answering each question"

"The speakers were knowledgeable and had the best presentation skills"

"The breaks in between, and the opportunity to try out one or two assessment for practicing"

"I was very engaged in my course, small breaks really helped. Teachers excellent, very clear"

"Just that I can go back and replay when needed and lots of questions to still be done to help me to pass"

"The detail of the course was second to none! Great course very impressed with overall experience"

"I thought the presenters were very engaging and made the content very clear and easy to understand"

"The easiness of it. It was very easy to follow along with the guys throughout the day"

"The way each section was explained in a simple and easy to understand way"

"Insight into answering verbal reasoning and job simulation questions"

"Positive vibe explanation of the topics and very good materials for study"

"Going through the correct answers, and why they would be awarded more points than other answers"

"Lots of information and questioned answered. I feel more confident heading forward"

"The lecturers were very clear and concise through out the day"

"That it was at home easier to pick up the information"

"The way maths problems were solved and explained"

"The student participation and the amount of time spent on each subject"

"The detail of the course was second to none! Great course very impressed with overall experience"

"Put together and explained in an excellent manner by excellent well informed tutors. Very easy to follow and understand"

"The instructors went at a great pace and clearly explained all answers in a way that I was able to understand and apply to practice questions"

"The speakers were knowledgeable and had the best presentation skills.The speakers were knowledgeable and had the best presentation skills"

"I believe the webinar was delivered very well overall. The webinar process/log in was very easy. The course was very good with lots of explanations and examples and enjoyed the interactive with polls etc. The 5 minute breaks every hour were a huge help especially on a full course day"

"I really liked the layout of the day course. It was split up very well. I don't feel I lost concentration throughout at all as it is hard to stay focused on a laptop all day. I found myself looking forward to the next part. I also found that Patrick and Eddie spoke very clear and explained everything very clearly and well"

Is there anything we could improve on?

"I cannot fault today's course at all. I also think it is excellent that we can go online at anytime now and practice for the aptitude test. Also the upcoming grinds and mock tests is excellent. I don't know of any where for improvement on this course I feel that it is done to the best of the ability that it can reach"

"Honestly I can't think of anything, I am very happy that I signed up for your course and already feel better about taking the entrance exam and I have a lot more study to do yet!"

"No- everything in my opinion was on point! Thanks for a great course"

"Not a thing was brilliant I could do it from my own home"

"No really enjoyed the whole experience"

"Not a thing well presented by everyone involved"

"I don't think so, everything explained properly"

"At the moment l don’t see anything that needs improvement"

"Perfectly fine. Amazing & great help for us"

"Nothing specifically, great service"

"A fantastic seminar- thank you"

"It’s honestly fantastic"

"In my opinion no"

"Can't think of anything"

"Not that I can think of"

"I couldn’t fault any aspect of it"

"Honestly nothing that I can think of"

"No was very happy overall"

"No all was brilliant"

"No, thank you"

"No it's great"



(2021 respondents)