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  • Mature Nursing / Midwifery Ultimate Preparation Programme

    Ultimate Preparation Programme for mature student nursing applicants. Comprises of: 1. Interactive Webinar Day 2. E-Learning Platform 3. Mock Exam Simulation 4. Three Group Lessons

    Contains activities:

    • Interactive Webinar Day
      Join the class - only this time it will be from the comfort of your own home. You will join a small class of other students seeking to prepare from the exam. Follow the tutor in our interactive and engaging day course webinar.
    • Online Resources
      Practice on our e-learning platform with comprehensive resources including video lessons, development exercises, and practice test questions for each section of the assessment.
    • Mock Exam Simulation
      At the end of March, we will provide you with mock examination simulation.
    • Group Lessons
      In the final three weeks before your official assessment, we will provide you with three group lessons (one a week), where one of our tutors will work through the solutions to the mock exam simulation.