There are other course providers to choose from. So, why should you choose a Career Services preparation course?

To help you decide, we have outlined some of the key points that have made Career Services Ireland's number one training & education course provider for recruitment assessments.  

Of course, we also encourage you to do your own research. It is your career, so want to make the right decision. Once you have completed your research, ask yourself “Who will give me the best opportunity at succeeding?” “Who is the most informative?” Remember that this is your future career. Would you put your trust in anything but the best service to help you achieve it?



We have helped thousands of candidates to successfully achieve their dream careers as army and navy recruits.


Our Experience

Career Services have been preparing candidates for recruitment campaigns since 1987. No one else can come close to this experience.


Customer Service

Our team is here to help you. If you have a query, pick up the phone. You will speak with a knowledgeable member of our team who will be able to help you with your query. Our tutors are actively involved in the business every day, so there will always be an expert to help you. Our competitors will gladly answer the phone to take your bookings, but what about helping you with your issues afterwards?


Full Time Staff

Our qualified and experienced staff work full time in psychometric test preparation and have accreditation from the EFPA (European Federation of Psychologists Associations) and the BPS (British Psychological Society).  They are passionate in their efforts to deliver top class courses and their enthusiasm for their work creates an excellent environment for learning. You will notice this in their teaching. 



We are holding courses nationwide to ensure that there will be a course near you.



The positive learning environment in our courses is possible due to the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the course. We find that this encourages questioning from students and allows for a clear understanding of the material for the whole class. Overhead animated projections are used to good effect in aiding the students to understand difficult problems. This type of visual learning allows candidates to excel with aptitude tests. In short, our tutors use techniques that will enable you to answer the official test questions more effectively.



What is it worth knowing that you are giving yourself the best opportunity to succeed in the Army/Navy recruitment exams?  Our experience has shown us that the most serious applicants do not believe in taking shortcuts. Neither do we. We focus on high quality. As a result, our courses are the best in the market. We have the best tutors. We have the best course study materials. We have the best customer service. We give you the best opportunity of succeeding.  Considering all of this and the very fair price of our course, we are by far the best value on the market!


Online Material

We know that it is important that you have the best classroom teaching available to you but we also provide invaluable supplementary material and content to compliment your course on our e-learning platform.  

Ireland's No. 1 Army/Navy Recruitment Preparation Course Providers