HPAT-Ulster Preparation

Course Price: £130


Day Course

Lunch 1-2pm ( NOT included)

Classroom Course

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Our HPAT®-Ulster Preparation Course

We have been running Northern Ireland's most successful preparation courses for the HPAT®-Ulster since 2012.

It has time and time again helped students to maximize their scores in all sections of the HPAT®-Ulster.



The Preparation Day Course

The day course takes place in Belfast and Derry with approximately 30 people attending each class. During the course, students learn methods and techniques specific to the HPAT®-Ulster exam that helps them to answer more questions correctly in the time constraints allowed for each section of the exam. Our expert tutor distributes excellent study notes which are combined with engaging overhead slides to help students to understand the variety of questions and particularly difficult problems. The positive learning environment encourages questions from students and allows for a clear understanding of the material.

Please note: Lunch takes place from 1.00-2.00pm and is not included, so students will need to make their own arrangements for this on the day.

Dates and Venues


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