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Online Day Course Webinar Option

What is the Online Day Course Webinar Option?

In light of the current health crisis, we understand that you may prefer not to physically attend a day course at one of our HPAT-Ulster course venues. As a result, we are offering you an alternative to take the day course in an online setting instead. We are now offering an online day course webinar option as an alternative to choosing a venue for the HPAT-Ulster day course.  In addition, our online day course option is used in the event restrictions mean we cannot deliver your day course in a classroom setting!

Is this the same as the day course?

Yes. This online webinar will be the same course that is delivered at the day sessions but in an online webinar instead.  Your day course notes will be posted to you in advance of the webinar.  Details for logging in to the webinar will also be sent to you in advance.  The day course webinar will run for the same duration as the normal day courses. 

How do I book this webinar instead of a class venue? 

Simply book the HPAT-Ulster preparation course as normal and choose the online webinar option from the session dates and venues during checkout. 


If you choose our online day course option, we want to ensure your course material reaches you in a timely manner so please provide your full and complete address including your eircode.

I have some more questions

No problem, we are here to help! If you have any queries please contact our office on 028-22977 or email us at info@careerservices.ie