We are no longer providing HPAT-Ulster preparation courses. Please see below for further information.


2022 Entry Notice:

The Ulster University will no longer use the HPAT-Ulster exam as part of their entrance requirements for their health science courses. For this reason we will no longer be providing preparation courses for this exam. As part of the new selection method applicants will be required to undertake a successful video interview. Interviews will occur after the 26 January 2022 deadline.

We would like to thank all of our customers since 2012 who chose our preparation services for the HPAT-Ulster exam. 

HPAT-Ulster Exam Structure

Section 1: Critical Reasoning

This section evaluates candidate's ability to evaluate complex information. Questions are presented in multiple choice format. Critical Reasoning questions are drawn from a variety of general sources – general interest, science, social science. The questions are presented as text, diagrams, graphs and tables. Some questions may require basic maths skills, but the emphasis is on the application of skills in reasoning and problem solving.

Section 2: Interpersonal Understanding

This section tests candidate's ability to understand other people's thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It consists of a number of narrative and dialogue passages followed by multiple choice passages. Questions are designed to assess the understanding of people; their motivations, behaviour and responses.

Section 3: Written Communication

Written Communication consists of two exercises. The first exercise requires candidates to observe and understand graphically presented information relating to social issues. The second exercise is a reflective essay.

About The HPAT-Ulster Exam


Our HPAT®-Ulster Preparation course is specifically designed to give you the best preparation for the HPAT-Ulster Exam. Gain confidence and learn techniques to maximise your performance in the official exam with our comprehensive day course delivered by expert tutors. See here for more:

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Registering for the Exam

Registration Opening Date

In order to sit the official exam students must register to do so. Registration usually open in October. Online registrations must usually be completed by early January.

Registrations can only be made on the official ACER website here

Note: Enrolling into a Career Services HPAT-Ulster preparation course is not the same as registering for the official HPAT-Ulster exam. HPAT is a registered trademark owned by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). Please note that CS Career Services Limited is not in any way affiliated nor endorsed by ACER

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HPAT-Ulster Exam FAQ's

Find out about who can sit the exam, the exam structure, where the exam takes place and more here:


HPAT®-Ulster Vs HPAT®-Ireland


The HPAT®-Ulster is an entrance exam carried out by ACER on behalf of the Ulster University (also known as the University of Ulster).  This is a written exam that forms part of the selection process for students wishing to gain entry into one of the Ulster University health science degree courses. 


The HPAT®-Ireland exam is a medicine admissions / entry test for prospective medical students who are applying to study medicine in one of the medical schools in the Republic of Ireland. You should contact our office by emailing queries@careerservices.ie if you are interested in the HPAT-Ireland. 

The HPAT®-Ulster is a different exam to the HPAT®--Ireland.


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