HPAT Premium

3-part preparation programme 

Price: €400

Dates and Venues

The HPAT Premium Preparation Programme

Our HPAT Premium Programme is a comprehensive programme that includes:

Part 1.  an intensive day of expert tuition in a classroom setting with strict adherence to Public Health Guidelines

Part 2.  a comprehensive Home Study Package (HPAT Lite)

Part 3.  and a timed Mock Exam


Part 1: Classroom

Our Classroom Day course runs from 10.00am until 6.00pm. This preparation day is an intense and focused day course.

It is delivered with strict adherence to Public Health Guidelines. Class sizes are not any larger than you would experience in school.

The tutors and course developers are the very best in the country at what they do. Their vast experience ensures that there is a positive learning environment and their presenting style allows for valuable interaction between the tutor and the students.

On completion of the intensive day course, you will receive take home material in addition to your home study pack on the day.


 Please note: Lunch is not included on the day.

Dates and Venues

Part 2: Home Study

Part 2 of your programme includes your home based study (HPAT Lite). You will receive a comprehensive paper-based pack with approximately 30 hours of study material. This will also be made available to you in a digital format through your e-learning account. Click on the Booklet numbers for more details.


When will this be made available?

Your home study material will be available to you after you attend the classroom course. 

HPAT Lite Printed Version

Part 3: Mock Exam

The Mock Exam

The Mock Exam is a full length test aimed at allowing you to experience the pressure of attempting the tests under timed conditions and to get a sense of areas that you may wish to improve on or focus on in the run up to the real HPAT exam.

This is intended as an opportunity to identify your strengths and weaknesses for further study.

The Mock Exam will be made available through your Career Services e-learning platform. 


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For €400, you get to attend a full comprehensive classroom course, 30+hours of home study practice material and tuition, a Full Mock Exam.