Why Us? 

There are other preparation course providers to choose from, but none of these tailor courses that offer the same level of quality and affordability as Career Services. Here are a few reasons why you should choose the Career Services HPAT®-Ireland Exam Preparation Course:



Career Services has been in the business of preparing students for aptitude tests in Ireland since 1987. No one else can come close to this experience. Other companies will claim to have “medical experts” tutoring their course. Do not let this mislead you. The HPAT®-Ireland exam requires no medical knowledge. It is an aptitude test, not a medical examination. Our tutors work full time with us and are the best in the psychometric exam industry. 


Positive Feedback & Class Sizes

The positive feedback from our students who undertake our HPAT®-Ireland exam preparation courses each year has far surpassed our highest expectations. Our most recent survey revealed over 99.8% of people would recommend a Career Services course. Many of our students also attended other expensive HPAT®-Ireland exam preparation courses in crowded conditions of over 100 students. Our classroom sizes are kept small (10 – 30 students) to allow for one to one attention if required, and to ensure a complete understanding of what is being covered by all attendees. 


Quality over Quantity

We believe in quality over quantity when it comes to our course material and content. Our 40+hr study plan has been designed to fit around your Leaving Certificate study schedule, and to ensure you are getting the best quality material and content that you can realistically work through alongside your other studies. You will get both paper-based and online versions of our practice material.


Irish Owned and Run

We are an Irish company based in Ireland, so you will always be able to reach us by phone or email when you need us. Our office is staffed from 9.00am-5.30pm Monday to Friday by a team of dedicated professionals who are on hand for any assistance you may need. Many other providers can be based outside of Ireland with little or no customer service in Ireland and in a completely different time zone!


Best Value

Our courses are by far the best value on the market whilst maintaining the content and quality of materials. In fact, we are currently offering a reduction for our HPAT Complete Package from €350 to €250!


Accredited Tutors

The experience and qualifications and the full-time professional capacity of the three Career Services tutors involved in the HPAT®-Ireland Exam Preparation Course and other Aptitude Test Courses is second to none. All the Career Services tutors are Honours Degree graduates and are experts in psychometric examinations and their combined qualifications consist of MA, M.Ed., BA, BSc., BEng., DCG (Dip. In Career Guidance), HDE, PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education), ADEM (Advanced Dip in Ed.Mgt.) etc. Career Services’ professional tutors work full time in psychometric testing (British Psychological Society member) and are not part time opportunists who suddenly appear for the HPAT®-Ireland exam preparation courses and then hibernate for the rest of the year. They also are very friendly and approachable and encourage student interaction during the courses.


Less Travel

We are holding courses in Cork, Dublin, Galway, Tralee, Sligo and Waterford ensuring that there will be a course near you. This means less study disruptions and less travel expenses.


Strategic Dates

Courses are held during the October mid-term break and during Christmas holidays. It is important that students prepare in advance for this exam before they become swamped with their studies for their Leaving Certificate subjects.



Finally, and most importantly, our best advertisement is for you to talk to a former student of ours who did a HPAT®-Ireland exam preparation course or any of our courses. We are confident that their comments will be exceptionally positive towards Career Services. We have received very positive feedback on forums such as Please see our testimonials.


I want to start preparing....
No problem! Our highly acclaimed HPAT®-Ireland exam preparation courses are now available to book.