HPAT®-Ireland Exam Home Study Course

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The HPAT®-Ireland Exam Home Study Package


The HPAT®-Ireland Exam Home Study Package is a comprehensive study guide that allows you to begin your study immediately. It will teach you how to improve your HPAT®-Ireland exam scores from the comfort of your own home. A major advantage of the HPAT®-Ireland Exam Home Study Package is that you can also study at times that are suitable to you rather than being tied down to specific dates and times of supervised preparation courses.

The HPAT®-Ireland Exam Home Study Package is provided in both online and paper-based formats. The hardback paper-based Home Study Package is posted out to you after your booking is received. You can also access the material straight away upon booking by logging in to our e-Learning platform where you can complete lessons and practice questions. 

Online and paper based, you have both options available to you!


Course Features

  Detailed HPAT®-Ireland exam tuition on each section

  Study in the comfort of your own home

  Practice exam style questions

  Fully worked solutions

  Online and paper versions


Course Benefits

  Structured tuition for HPAT®-Ireland exam questions

  Have confidence knowing what types of questions will arise

  Tailor your own study schedule based on our study plan

  Have a structured approach to the different question types

   By far the best value on the market


What is included? 

The HPAT®-Ireland Exam Home Study Pack begins with giving you the essential background knowledge that you will need for the HPAT®-Ireland exam. Then, it helps you to tailor your very own HPAT®-Ireland exam study plan. You will begin your study with the Tuition, Practice Questions and Solutions booklets for each of the Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the HPAT®-Ireland exam. Fully worked solutions are also provided for the official ACER Practice Test 2 exam paper – (ACER now provide the solutions for Practice Test 1 when students register for the HPAT®-Ireland exam).


This extensive course will also appease students and parents who are working with a budget. It is not only a highly comprehensive study guide for the HPAT®-Ireland exam, but it is also by far the best valued HPAT®-Ireland exam preparation course in the country. 


€200.00 plus p+p (€9.50) 


Important Note:
HPAT®-Ireland Exam is a registered trademark of the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). 
CS Career Services Ltd. preparation courses are unaffiliated with and not endorsed by ACER.