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The Ultimate in HPAT®-Ireland Exam Preparation 

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This package will give you the best all round preparation for the 2018 HPAT®-Ireland exam. No other course comes close.

It acts as a complete blended learning program that enables students to peak for the official HPAT®-Ireland exam at the end of February. 

The HPAT®-Ireland Exam Complete Package consists of:

  • 2 Days of Preparation  (Day Course  +  Supervised Mock Exam) 
  • Comprehensive HPAT®-Ireland Home Study Pack (paper based & digital format)
  • Online Resources


Course Features

 Online and/or paper based home study practice

 Intensive day course tuition

 Supervised mock examination

 The best HPAT®-Ireland exam tutors in the country

 Small class sizes in venues nationwide


Course Benefits

 Maximise HPAT®-Ireland exam scores in all sections

 Reduce anxiety

 Be confident with the different types of questions

 Study smartly. Study with structure and purpose

 By far the best value in the market


Part 1: The Preparation Day Course

The Preparation Day Course is our flagship course. This course is challenging but it is worth the challenge. It has helped produce the highest scoring HPAT®-Ireland exam score since the HPAT®-Ireland exam began.

You will attend a full day of tuition in a classroom situation where the class size will not be any larger than it would be in school. Our experienced tutors presenting this course allow for valuable interaction between the tutor and the students. This ensures that you get individual attention should you require it. 

 The course runs from 10.00am until 6.00pm. This preparation course is an intense and focused day course. In fact, it is technically a two day course which we have designed to be delivered in one day. This allows the course to be more affordable and importantly saves you an extra day for your studies. 

The outline of the day course is as follows:

-          What is HPAT®-Ireland exam about?
-          Why was the HPAT®-Ireland exam introduced?
-          How does the scoring work?
-          What to expect on the day of the exam?
-          Timing tips


Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving
-          Identifying the different types of questions in Section 1
-          A different approach for each type of question
-          Practice Questions


Interpersonal Understanding
-          Timing, Tips and Techniques
-          Practice Questions with Narratives and Dialogues


Non-verbal Reasoning
-          Next in Series: Identifying patterns
-          Missing Segments: Grids and Pyramids
-          Middle of Sequences: Increasing Sequences, Mapping Rotations, Queues and Stacks
-          Practice Questions

End of Course Discussion/Q.&A.




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Part 2: *The Online Resources (Tutorials) 

Revisit what you covered on the day course with our expertly designed online tutorials consisting of questions and video lessons for sections 1 and 3. 

*access to tutorials become available after the day course

UL Postgraduates only: The online resources also include a section for 'Written Communication' which is relevant only to candidates who have applied to the University of Limerick.


Part 3:  The HPAT®-Ireland Exam Home Study Package

The Home Study Package is posted out to you after your booking is received and it will allow you to begin your study immediately in the comfort of their own home. Students will also be able to complete the practice material online using our e-Learning platform if they would prefer an online format. The HPAT®-Ireland Exam Home Study Pack begins with giving you the essential background knowledge that you will need to know about the exam and then helps you to tailor your very own HPAT®-Ireland exam study plan. You will begin your study with the Tuition, Practice Questions and Solutions booklets for each of the Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the HPAT®-Ireland exam.


Part 4:  The Supervised Mock Exam

The Supervised Mock Exam is a practice exam that students will get to sit under strict exam conditions. It takes place approx 1-2 weeks before you sit the official HPAT®-Ireland exam. The mock HPAT®-Ireland exam will take place in a supervised exam hall. It will allow you to fine tune the skills that you have learned during your preparation. It will also allow you to clear yourself of any pre-exam nerves that you may experience. Solutions to this mock HPAT®-Ireland exam will be given out. These solutions will make ideal study material for you during the final days before the official HPAT®-Ireland exam.


Group Discounts 

We offer group discounts on our HPAT Complete Package for students booking as a group (minimum of 2 students). Groups can get a significant discount of over 40% off our HPAT Complete Package valued at €350. Our discount means you get the HPAT Complete Package for an amazing €200 each!

How to get a group discount

It's easy! If 2 of you or more are interested in doing our HPAT course, simply call the office on 028-22977 and we will apply the discount!



As well as being superior in service, our course is by far the best value on the market!



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Important Note:

HPAT®-Ireland Exam is a registered trademark of the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). 
CS Career Services Ltd. preparation courses are unaffiliated with and not endorsed by ACER.

Online Access: You will have access to your online resources until the day of your official HPAT-Ireland exam.