Apprenticeship Group Preparation Course

For Schools

Target groups: 4th, 5th & 6th years

Supporting Schools & Students

Our company CS Career Services Limited is a small private education company that has been providing preparation courses for entry into public service careers for over 30 years. We have been running our apprenticeship preparation course for over 10 years.

Due to demand, we recently commenced providing our apprenticeship preparation course to several Schools, DEIS schools, ETBs, Local Development Companies & Partnerships, and even regional groups of the IGC (Institute of Guidance Counsellors). The feedback that we are receiving from these groups is exceptional - they believe that the course fully equips their students with the skills to find apprenticeship opportunities, apply for the position, and progress through the selection process. 

We are witnessing an increased eagerness from schools to promote apprenticeships among their students.  More and more school guidance counsellors and principles are actively seeking out our course to help assist their students.  

What do Students Learn?

Applying for an apprenticeship

From our experience on the ground, we are often finding knowledge gaps that cause confusion among students when it comes to ‘applying’ for an apprenticeship. This confusion is understandable because the apprenticeship recruitment process will alter depending on the different needs of employers.


Practical guidance on the various steps

Our apprenticeship preparation course clears up the confusion, so that students are very clear about the necessary steps to successfully gain employment as an apprentice.  We provide an overview of fantastic initiatives, such as the Generation Apprenticeship website, however our course primarily focuses on providing practical guidance on the various steps taken by students to secure employment with an apprenticeship program provider.


In depth tuition from experts

The course provides in-depth tuition on each possible step of the apprenticeship employment process, including: researching the role, where and how to apply, CVs & application forms, aptitude / psychometric tests interviews (formal competency based & informal)

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Our Experience


We have been providing preparation to students since 1987. During this time, we have prepared tens of thousands of students for the apprenticeship recruitment process, assessments and interviews. The experience and full time professional capacity of the Career Services team include combined qualifications of M.A, M.Ed., M.Sc. in B.I.S., B.A, B.Sc., B.Eng, D.C.G. (Dip in Career Guidance), H.D.E., P.G.C.E., and A.D.E.M




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