Garda Sergeant Interview Preparation


We are now offering a dedicated interview preparation module for all Garda Sergeant candidates that would like to excel at the next stage in the competition. This module provides comprehensive guidance on how to approach the interview application form and perform to your full potential in the Garda Sergeant interview.


This is a bonus module that was provided to candidates who signed up for our Garda Sergeant Preparation course which included preparation for the aptitude tests for the current competition.


Due to popular demand, we are now welcoming Garda Sergeant candidates who did not sign up to our preparation course in the earlier stages but would like to benefit from our expert interview preparation. This module of the course is now available to purchase for €40

Mature professional man preparing for video interview

Garda Sergeant Interview Preparation


The Garda Sergeant Interview Preparation Module Covers the following:

  >  Demystifying Competency-Based Interviews

  >  Making the most of Reference Materials

  >  The Importance of the Application Form

  >  Understanding the Key Competencies

  >  Developing examples for each of the Competency Areas

  >  Researching the Role

  >  Performing to your Full Potential

Incredible Value

Comprehensive interview form guidance and preparation for only €40