Firefighters Recruitment Courses

Welcome to Career Services – The Entrance Exam Experts. We are a private education company that has been established since 1987. We specialise in providing preparation courses for aptitude tests, entrance exams and structured interviews for careers such as An Garda Síochána, the Irish Defence Forces, E.S.B. Apprenticeships, Paramedics, the Prison Service, Fire-fighters etc. 

We are a full-time team of  psychometric professionals  that have helped 1000′s of people to successfully pass the various recruitment stages of their desired career. When it comes to recruitment competition preparation  - we are by far Ireland’s number 1! Nobody else can come close to our experience and successful track record. Our courses have the best course material, the best course tutors and importantly the best value price as well.


Current Recruitment Campaigns

Fire-Fighter Recruitment 2018 - Limerick County Council 

Limerick City and County Council are seeking applications for full-time Firefighters.  Interested candidates must successfully completed a physical fitness test by Monday, 23rd April 2018 at 5pm. The stages of application will be as follows:


Stage 1: Review the Briefing Document in full & Complete Questionnaire

Candidates can download the briefing document and review the Questionnaire within it here. This document is also available on the official Limerick County Council website here


Stage 2: Physical Fitness Test

The physical fitness test must be completed at the Abbey Physio Clinic, Charlotte Quay, Limerick by 5.00 p.m. on 23rd April 2018 (details are contained in the briefing document) 


Stage 3: Psychometric Tests

Only those successful at the physical fitness test by the specified date will be invited to attend the Psychometric Tests. The 50 highest scoring participants in these tests will be invited to the next phase, Shortlisting Interview.


Stage 4: Formal Application and Shortlisting Interview

Stage 5: Work Related Tests

Stage 6: Final Interview


Preparing for the Psychometric Tests

We are Ireland's No 1. preparation course providers for the selection tests used in Fire-Fighter recruitment campaigns and have over 30 years of assessment industry experience. Our preparation courses are set when a new recruitment campaign is launched. 

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