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Here at Career Services we offer an innovative approach underpinned by proven methodologies for the development and design of custom e-learning solutionsWe are an Irish online educational company and have over 34+ years of experience in preparation course provision and extensive experience in the successful development and design of bespoke e-learning modules which provide the most effective and engaging training content to service users. We offer a highly personalised and professional service. Our dedicated team will be fully committed to the delivery of your design requirements. We have the skills, capability and capacity to deliver outstanding e-learning solutions tailored to your needs.

Our Approach

1. Analyse

The first phase of the process will be to work collaboratively with you in order to get a solid and full rounded understanding of your organisation and to outline the next steps of the process. We use tried-and-tested instructional design methodology and provide a highly structured approach to developing e-learning modules which will ensure both contract compliance and the development of a fit for purpose e-learning solution.


2. Design 

The design phase is one of the most essential phases. The learning objectives and module content will be analysed at this phase. A storyboard will be developed to present an appropriate mix of learning activities and technical solutions which are crucial to creating an effective and engaging e-learning module. The outcome of this phase will be a blueprint that will be used as a reference to develop and design the e-learning modules. 


3. Develop

Once the course structure has been defined, our Instructional Designers will decide on the best mix of methods and techniques for the e-learning module. We use industry leading author ware to create the best e-learning modules. We create learner centred content which is highly engaging and developed using best practice instructional methods and techniques to deliver an interactive and personalised learner experience to ensure maximum engagement and retention.


4. Review & Testing 

During this phase you will be given URL’s to the working modules in order to allow you to view the working e-learning modules in action and to review the solution as a whole. Quality assurance testing will be conducted at this phase to ensure everything is working as expected. Editing requirements and changes to the modules will also be addressed at this phase. The review / editing phase aims to ensure your complete satisfaction in the finished products.


5. Sign Off 

Following a final review, Career Services will hand over the SCORM Packages to you for upload to your LMS. The SCORM package will be sent to you via your preferred method, e.g. encrypted file-sharing service, USB, Google Drive, Dropbox, Email, etc.



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