2018 Cadetship Recruitment

Becoming a Defence Force officer is a dream career choice. It is a challenging and exciting role and one which continually presents new and interesting experiences both in Ireland and abroad. Of course this position also offers a generous salary as well as the security of a state pension.

The Irish Defence Forces opened applications for Officer Cadetships in 2018. The deadline for applications was Sunday 29th April 2018.

Applicants needed to be 18 years of age or above and under 27 years of age on the 1st September 2018.

More information can be found on Irish Defence Forces website here


Preparing for the Psychometric Tests

As part of the induction process interested candidates that apply will face a series of competitive stages including psychometric assessments. We are Ireland's No 1. preparation course providers for the selection tests used in cadetship recruitment campaigns and have over 30 years of assessment industry experience. Our courses are set when there is a new recruitment campaign. 


The Entry Process

When a recruitment campaign is launch, applications  can only be made on the Irish Defence Forces Website. After submitting an application form on www.military.ie your application will usually be checked to see that you meet the specified requirements. If, on evaluation of your Application Form, you do not meet the eligibility criteria OR you have not completed all sections of the Application Form you will be informed that you will be unable to go forward to the selection process. 

For the first stage of the entry process candidates are usually  required to sit an aptitude test(s) as part of the selection process. If successful, candidates will be asked to attend a competency based interview.


What are the Requirements to Apply? 

A full list of requirements are available on the Irish Defence Forces website: http://military.ie/en/careers/


When can I Apply?

Applications for Defence Force Cadets can only be made online on a website called www.military.ieYou can only apply for a Defence Force Cadetship when the Defence Forces are running a recruitment campaign. This usually happens in spring each year. 



Our preparation courses are for candidates that are serious about succeeding at the induction stages of the selection process. Our courses are designed and delivered by experts. We have been preparing candidates for  the selection tests used for entry into various careers for over 30 years. See below for an outline of what our course consists of:


Course Outline


  1. Part 1 – Psychometric Tests
  2. - Verbal Reasoning
  3. - Discovering Rules
  4. - Numerical Reasoning 
  6. Part 2 – Introductory Module to the structured interview – a competency based interview

-Description and samples of a model structured interview

-Preparation for the structured interview

-Sample scenarios to use in the structured interview

-How to write scenarios based on the competencies required in the Cadet structured interview – use of power verbs

-Some general questions that may arise and model answers

-Marking scheme for a structured interview



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