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  • Garda Stage 2 (Interview) & Stage 3 (Fitness) Package

    This online course combines two courses in one; our Garda online interview preparation course and our Garda online fitness test preparation course. Our expertise and experience in Garda recruitment preparation is second to none. Our teaching methods are tried and tested and the thousands of serving Gardaí and Garda Trainees in Templemore that have taken our courses over the past 30 years are proof of that. Give yourself the best chance at success in the Garda Interview and Fitness test with our renowned preparation.
  • Garda Interview Online Course

    Get fully prepared for the Garda interview with our expertly designed online course. Exceptional preparation cousre covering all aspects of the Garda Competency-Based Interview.
  • Garda Stage 3 Fitness Test Online Course

    Our online Garda fitness preparation course is as part of our Garda Complete Package and provides you with a complete fitness training programme designed and delivered by our expert fitness coach, Jonathan Davis. This programme will guide you to build your fitness over a series of carefully designed sessions to build your aerobic and anaerobic capacity, your muscular endurance, strength, speed and agility.