2018 Army / Navy Recruitment Campaign 

The latest Irish Defence Forces general service recruitment campaign for Army and Navy recruits was launched in 2018. 

Deadline for Applications was Sunday 7th October 2018

Army applicants were required to be at least 18 years old and under 25 years of age on the closing date for applications.

Naval Service applicants were required to be at least 18 years old and under 27 years of age on the closing date for applications.

More information as well as applications can be found on the Irish Defence Forces website here

Becoming an army or navy recruit is a dream career choice. It is a challenging and exciting role and one which continually presents new and interesting experiences both in Ireland and abroad. We help make your dream come true by providing top class preparation courses to help you pass various stages of the recruitment process. 


The Entry Process

There are a number of stages in the Induction Process during campaigns. 

See here for an overview of the Recruitment Process


What are the Requirements to Apply? 

A full list of requirements are available on the Irish Defence Forces website: http://military.ie/en/careers/


When can I Apply?

You can only apply when the Defence Forces are running a recruitment campaign. 


If you are interested being notified of the next recruitment campaign simply sign up to our Free Job Alert Service here:

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