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Apprenticeship Preparation Course for School Groups

Our course provides students with the knowledge, confidence, and motivation to enable them to successfully apply for apprenticeship opportunities in the Irish jobs market. The course provides an overview of Apprenticeships system, and covers application forms, CVs and cover letters, psychometric test preparation and competency based interview skills.

What's Included

Live Webinar (3-5hrs*)


This is the live element of the apprenticeship course. The webinar introduces the key fundamentals that students will have to utilize in order to gain employment as an apprentice.


Modules covered:


Our expert tutor and moderators use engaging slides, chat communications, and regular Q&A opportunities to ensure that interested students are fully engaged throughout the webinar.

* We can offer a 3 or 5 hour webinar session depending on the preference of the school


Webinar Workbook (6hrs)

The 80+ pages workbook is posted to students/school in advance of the webinar.


During the webinar 

The workbook acts as a reference book for students during the webinar. We understand that some students may find it difficult to focus for extended periods during the webinar. With this in mind, the tutor will regularly reference material in the workbook. 

After the webinar 

After the webinar, the students can use this standalone workbook to reinforce their learning. The workbook contains exercises that help them to incrementally progress towards writing an effective application form, CV, and cover letter. The workbook also guides students on how to prepare for an apprenticeship competency-based interview using a step-by-step process.

The different stages of the recruitment process may be months apart, so students are encouraged to safely store their workbooks until they have successfully gained employment.

All workbooks are printed using 100% recycled paper.


E-Learning Platform (40+ hrs)

Students are provided with 12 months access to our awardwinning e-Learning Platform.


Students can view instructional video lessons that will coach them to perform well in psychometric tests. These tests are used by many large organisations to recruit hundreds of apprentices each year. After the lessons, students can practice timed and untimed tests to
get used to the difficulty levels. Finally, there is an in-depth competency-based interview module to help them to prepare for any interview they might have.

Modules covered:


Additional Information

How much does the course cost?

The cost of running a course is €1,800. This includes course delivery, provision of study workbook packs, and 12-month access to the e-Learning platform. For a group of 40 students - our normal course number - this works out at €45 per student. This is a discount of €85 off the normal course price of €130. The course is selling to members of the public on our website for €130 per student.

Some schools partner-up to avail of this service. If you feel that your school does not have enough interested students to make the course financially viable, you are welcome to organise this with another school.


How long is each course? 

We can work with you to arrange times based on your school start time and lunch breaks.

An example schedule is provided below (for a 3hr session):

9:10am -10:00am

Presentation - Part A - Apprenticeship Opportunities & Overview

10:00am - 10:05am

5 min break

10:05am - 11:00am

Presentation - Part B - Applications

11:00am - 11:15am

15 Min Break

11:15am -12:30pm

Presentation - Part C - Psychometric Tests
Presentation - Part D - Apprenticeship Interviews


When would the course take place?

We would liaise with the school to decide on the preferred date. The interactive webinar is delivered at a date and time of your choosing. Access to the e-Learning platform would be for 12-months from this date.


How many trainers deliver the course?

One of the following two trainers would run the course:


What experience does your company have?

We have been providing preparation to students since 1987. During this time, we have prepared tens of thousands of students for assessments and interviews for entry into various careers.


How to Book

If you would like to book our preparation course or discuss course further please simply contact our office and we will be delighted to speak with you. 

PHONE:  028-22977 

FREEPHONE 1800 212 212