2021 Garda Recruitment

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We have been receiving many queries from interested candidates about when the 2021 Garda Recruitment campaign will be launched.

Budget 2021 provided funding for over 620 new Garda recruits in 2021 so there is a campaign expected at some stage this year. However, this it will also be dependent on the Covid-19 situation and the forces ability to process candidates. There are currently 14,500 serving Gardaí and the accelerated recruitment programme aims to bring that number up to 15,000 by the end of 2021 in line with the forces recruitment plans. Budget 2022 announced that funding will be made available to the Department of Justice for the recruitment of a further 800 new Gardaí in 2022. In addition, 400 additional civilian staff will also be recruited.

2021 Intakes 

(from prior competitions)

The Commissioner has indicated that, due to the impact of the CoVID-19 pandemic, recruitment is likely to be of the order of 450 trainees spread over four intakes in 2021. The first such intake (of 150) commenced training in the Garda college on 24 May. The remaining scheduled commencement dates, subject to public health restrictions, were 19 July 2021, 20 September 2021 and 15 November 2021. In May of 2021, 572 Garda Trainee candidates were at various stages of the recruitment process in An Garda Síochána.


Next Garda Trainee Recruitment Campaign 

Consideration was being given to a new Garda Trainee recruitment competition in Quarter 4 this year (2021). This is still a possibility as budget 2021 provided funding for recruitment in 2021. 

What happens when it opens? 

When a new Garda recruitment competition launches, applications will open on the Public Appointments Service website (www.publicjobs.ie). The Public Appointments Service is the centralised recruiter for An Garda Síochána and will process candidates on their behalf.  

Free Job Alert Service

We offer a complimentary Free Job Alert service on our website if you would like to sign up to this we will notify those on the list when we hear any news of the next campaign. To sign up to this see here: https://careerservices.ie/job-alert-service

The Public Appointment Service is the official centralised recruiter for An Garda Síochána and will take applications and process candidates when a new recruitment campaign is launched. They also offers a Job Alert Service and we would recommend signing up for this. You can sign up for Job Alerts on www.publicjobs.ie by creating an account. Once you are logged in, select 'My Job Alerts' on the left-side menu. You can name this job alert as something like 'Garda_Trainee' and select the relevant Job Category. 


Find out more about becoming a Garda

You can find out everything you need to know about eligibility criteria,  the recruitment process and much more here


Preparing for the 2021/22 Garda Recruitment competition 

Those who apply will be required to succeed at a number of competitive stages which will involve psychometric tests and assessments. We have been providing preparation courses for Garda entrance exams since the introduction of aptitude tests in 1987. We are Ireland's leading preparation course provider for Garda entrance tests and there are thousands of serving members that have undertaken our courses over the years. See here for more