Apprenticeships 2015


The ESB are currently accepting applications for their Electrical Apprenticeships.  The online application process is open on the ESB website  - The closing date for applications is extended to Tuesday 7th of April 2015.

Once candidates submit the online application form, they will be given a number of days (approx. 8 days) to complete a collection of online aptitude tests. Candidates will be able to sit the tests on their own PC at home at any time during the specified number of days after they submit their application form.

If candidates are successful in the online test, they may be invited to sit very similar tests under supervised conditions where they would be expected to score similar scores to their online tests that they sat at home. Successful candidates will then be invited to sit an interview during the summer and the apprenticeships would begin in September 2015.

Preparation Courses

Career Services – The Entrance Exam Experts will be running Apprenticeship Preparation Courses for candidates who would like to prepare for the aptitude tests and for the interview. These courses will take place in Dublin and Galway on Saturday 28th of March and in Cork on Sunday 29th of March.

Is it worth doing a preparation course?

The short answer is yes. The skills acquired during the course will significantly improve a candidates chances of success in the recruitment competition. Even if you discount the value of the course for the upcoming recruitment campaigns, candidates will still learn valuable skills that will be useful for any future job application. These skills will last a life time.

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Career Services – The Entrance Exam Experts

Career Services – The Entrance Exam Experts run a combined 1-day aptitude test and competency based interview preparation course . While our preparation courses are mainly focused on the ESB Apprenticeships, they are also appropriate for other apprenticeship competitions like Aer Lingus mechanical, Bus Eireann mechanical, Eircom as well as hundreds of  other private companies apprenticeship selection competitions. Most apprenticeships would use very similar styles of aptitude tests and interviews, and most of these companies run their apprenticeship competitions each spring. These affordable courses are designed to help candidates pass the various stages of the apprenticeship recruitment selection process. More information


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ESB Apprenticeships

ESB Networks carries out the construction and maintenance of the distribution and transmission electricity network in the country. This includes sub stations and the overhead and underground electricity infrastructure that are used to bring electricity to Ireland`s 2.3 million domestic, commercial and industrial customers.

The ESB regularly seek applicants for Electrical Apprenticeships.  In order to fill these positions they run annual recruitment competitions.


Recruitment Process

Candidates aged over 16 and who have completed the Junior Certificate (click here for last years full list of requirements) are asked to complete an online application form.  Once the online application form is submitted, candidates will have only 8 days to complete a list of online psychometric assessments. If the candidates are successful in the online assessments they will be invited to sit an interview in the early summer. Training for the apprenticeship would then commence in the autumn.


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